Nadezhda Govedarova

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In this paper we present otology-based architecture for knowledge management in BULCHINO web-based catalogue for Bulgarian cultural heritage. Our approach for realizing content-based search and retrieval in the catalogue implies the application of the CBR technology for the representation of metadata characterizations of the cultural objects and the(More)
Knowledge-based systems (KBS) achieve their reasoning power mainly through the explicit representation and use of different kinds of knowledge about a certain domain. The comparison of different KBS revealed, however, that the design solutions for particular knowledge representation infrastructure differ, depending on the information to be integrated. This(More)
Our ongoing work on the development of CBR-based approaches for realizing contentbased search is mainly targeted at discovering new interesting and powerful technological integrations that permit these technologies to exploit each others` strengths in order to mitigate their weaknesses. As a result, we developed a hybrid ontology and CBR-based search engine(More)
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