Nadezhda Baklanova

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There is an apparent similarity between the descriptions of small-step operational semantics of imperative programs and the semantics of finite automata, so defining an abstraction mapping from semantics to automata and proving a simulation property seems to be easy. This paper aims at identifying the reasons why simple proofs break, among them artifacts in(More)
We present a tool for analysing resource sharing conflicts in multithreaded Java programs. We consider two models of execution: purely parallel one and sequential execution on a single processor. A Java program is translated into a system of timed automata which is verified by the model checker Uppaal. We also present our work in progress on formalisation(More)
We present a prototype for executing and verifying graph transformations. The transformations are written in a simple imperative programming language, and pre-and post-conditions as well as loop in-variants are specified in the Description Logic ALC (whence the name of the tool). The programming language has a precisely defined operational semantics and a(More)
Acknowledgements This thesis has been written due to a lot of efforts of many people. I thank the members of the defense committee Jean-Paul Rigault and Stephan Merz that they have accepted to be the reviewers. Thanks to Jean-Paul Rigault who played the double role: as the reviewer and as the President of the defence Committee. Many thanks to Stephan Merz(More)
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