Nadezhda Aleksandrova

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A study of the effectiveness of long-term (within a year) use cytoprotector neuropeptide nature of the drug cortexin (in the acute, early and late recovery periods) on the dynamics of the cognitive status of patients with ischemic stroke. The study involved 80 patients first ischemic stroke (IS). The patients of the main group (40 patients) received(More)
The efficacy of prolonged use of the cytoprotective neuropeptide Cortexin on cognitive impairments was studied in patients with ischemic stroke. A total of 80 patients with first ischemic strokes were studied. Patients of the study group (n = 40) received basal treatment plus 10 mg i.m. Cortexin once daily for 10 days, with repeat courses given at three,(More)
In adult patients with different variants of the complicated course of bronchitis (prolonged, relapsing, chronic) respiratory syncytial (RS) virus infections were shown to occur very frequently (37-72%, depending on the form on bronchitis). In 220 cases of RS infection the content of anti-RS-virus IgE in the blood was analyzed. The reaction of specific IgE(More)
46 patients with ischaemic heart disease were treated with Micristin (20-40 mg/kg) or a combination of Micristin and Propranolol (80-120 mg/die). The values of bleeding time, the platelet factor 4 in lysate of thrombocytes or in plasma of patients as well as the soluble fibrin monomer complexes were investigated. They showed no obvious correlation to the(More)
  • Sara de Jong, Sanne Koevoets, +12 authors Svetlana Slapsak
  • 2016
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