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BACKGROUND Recent studies have demonstrated a reduction in hospital stay and postoperative complications in elderly patients undergoing laparoscopy-assisted colectomy, and have attributed the shorter stays and reduced morbidity to the laparoscopic approach. We questioned whether the improved outcomes in these studies were a result of the laparoscopic(More)
Three arginine-vasopressin (AVP) analogues in which the proline residue in position 7 was substituted with 4-hydroxyproline were synthesized by solid-phase techniques, and their biological activities were evaluated by antidiuretic, pressor, and uterotonic bioassays. The [7-trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline]AVP, the 1-desamino[7-trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline]AVP, and(More)
[4-L-Proline]arginine vasopressin, [4-D-proline]arginine vasopressin, [4-hydroxyproline]arginine vasopressin and [4-proline, 7-hydroxyproline] arginine vasopressin were synthesized and found to have antidiuretic activities of 91±4, 1.7±0.2, 1.0±0.1 and 4.4±1.0 units/mg, respectively. None of these analogs exhibited a significant level of rat pressor(More)
This study reports the solid phase synthesis and biological activities of two oxytocin analogs, [1-desamino, 4-lysine,7-(L-3,4,-dehydroproline)]oxytocin and [1-desamino, 4-threonine,7-(L-3,4-dehydroproline),8-lysine]oxytocin, and several fluorescent, photoaffinity, or biotinylated derivatives of these analogs and of oxytocin. The activities (in IU/mg) of(More)
In an effort to synthesize potent vasopressin analogs containing photoreactive groups, we prepared, by solid phase synthesis, three analogs with proline or hydroxyproline substitutions in positions 4 and/or 7, lysine in positions 4 or 8, and beta-mercaptopropionic acid in position 1. From these three parent analogs, 1-desamino[4-proline,8-lysine]VP,(More)
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