Nader Sehatbakhsh

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This paper presents Spectral Profiling, a new method for profiling program execution without instrumenting or otherwise affecting the profiled system. Spectral Profiling monitors EM emanations unintentionally produced by the profiled system, looking for spectral “spikes” produced by periodic program activity (e.g. loops). This allows Spectral(More)
This paper describes the design of an ultimately low power subthreshold 32-bit adder, implemented in 45-nm technology. Low power design is achieved by using FinFET devices which are nowadays a basic component of very scaled and low power circuits. The circuit was tested in all corners and its consumption is as low as 10fJ per computation with 0.4V supply(More)
This paper focuses on the design of an FFT based on butterfly blocks. FFT algorithm is Radix-2 Decimation in Frequency and implementation is done in fixed point using MATLAB software. The low power characteristics of proposed design is achieved using power gating for switching off the non-critical path multipliers in off periods and holding their output(More)
This paper describes EM-Based Detection of Deviations in Program Execution (EDDIE), a new method for detecting anomalies in program execution, such as malware and other code injections, without introducing any overheads, adding any hardware support, changing any software, or using any resources on the monitored system itself. Monitoring with EDDIE involves(More)
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