Nader Riyahi Alam

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A Novel hybrid segmentation method has been developed for detection of masses in digitized mammograms using three parallel approaches: adaptive thresholding method, Gabor filtering and fuzzy entropy feature as a computer-aided detection(CAD) scheme. The algorithm consists of the following steps: a) Preprocessing of the digitized mammograms including(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate abnormalities in the brain tissue of patients with clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) suggestive of multiple sclerosis (MS). In this method, magnetization transfer ratio (MTR) parameter accompanied with segmentation regional measurements and histogram analysis were used to improve the evaluation of disease progression(More)
Today, by injecting iron oxide based nanoparticles (USPIO) as MRI contrast agents, it is possible to study lymphatic system and some specific tumors and their metastasis. The type of surface coating, and coating characteristics of the nanoparticles are important factors for the biological properties of nanoparticles and their destination target. On the(More)
PURPOSE The accurate prediction of x-ray spectra under typical conditions encountered in clinical x-ray examination procedures and the assessment of factors influencing them has been a longstanding goal of the diagnostic radiology and medical physics communities. In this work, the influence of anode surface roughness on diagnostic x-ray spectra is evaluated(More)
CONTEXT In radiation treatments, estimation of the dose distribution in the target volume is one of the main components of the treatment planning procedure. To estimate the dose distribution, the information of electron densities is necessary. The standard curves determined by computed tomography (CT) scanner that may be different from that of other(More)
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