Nader N. Barsoum

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The wireless network technology is increasingly important in healthcare as a result of the aging population and the tendency to acquire chronic disease such as heart attack, high blood pressure amongst the elderly. A wireless sensor network system that has the capability to monitor physiological sign such as SpO2 (Saturation of Arterial Oxygen) and heart(More)
Power Line Communication is increasingly getting common in various applications. However, the noise level and impedance mismatch are still the main concern of the technology. Although the noise level and the impedance mismatch of the systems can be controlled using a bandpass filter and an impedance matching circuit, respectively, the variables in the power(More)
This paper shows the way to design the aspects of a hybrid power system that will target remote users. It emphasizes on the hydrogen hybrid power system to obtain a reliable autonomous system with the optimisation of the components size and the improvement of the capital cost. This system is chosen to provide electricity for a small and remote located(More)
Power line communication technology is the wired communication technology that performs data transmission from a transmitter to a receiver using the existing electrical wiring. Even though the noise level and impedance mismatch problems of power line communication can be controlled by using a band-pass filter and an impedance matching circuit, respectively,(More)
The body sensor nodes armed with a MSP430 microcontroller, a IEEE 802.15.4 radio chip, a memory flash and a electronic amplifier circuits is proposed as an educational platform for electronic design and embedded system courses. The body sensor nodes are designed based on a commercial wireless sensor network (WSN) device that contains the microcontroller,(More)
A power system operating condition should be stable, meeting various operational criteria, and be secured in the event of any credible contingency at any time. However, in the present day, most of the power systems are being operated closer to their stability limits due to economic and environmental constraints. Consequently, the power system networks are(More)
Wireless sensor network has been widely used in remote monitoring applications. However, energy efficiency of sensor nodes becomes an important issue as there are powered by batteries. This is because most of the sensor nodes are inaccessible once they have been deployed in the physical environment. Therefore, a good energy saving scheme of sensor nodes is(More)