Nader Moayeri

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When the range of single-hop wireless communication is limited by distance or harsh radio propagation conditions, relays can be used to extend the communication range through multihop relaying. This paper targets the need in certain scenarios for rapid deployment of these relays when little or nothing is known in advance about a given environment and its(More)
In [1], we investigated the use of multi-hop relays (a.k.a. breadcrumbs) to extend the range of public safety communications in indoor environments where the radio propagation conditions are harsh or wireless communications are limited by distance. In this work, we consider the impact of interference on the reliability of the breadcrumb system. We develop a(More)
Channel-adaptive relaying has recently been proposed as a means to exploit spatial and temporal diversity in multihop ad hoc networks with fading. In conjunction with appropriate routing protocols, adaptive relaying enables each forwarding node in a multihop path to dynamically select the next-hop relay as a function of the measured (time-varying) channel(More)