Nader Marandian Hagh

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This paper presents the fabrication and characterization of single-element ultrasonic transducers whose active elements are made of lead-free piezoceramic, 1-3 PZT/polymer composite and PVDF film. The lead free piezoelectric KNNLT- LS(K(0.44)Na(0.52)Li(0.04))(Nb(0.84)Ta(0.10)S(0.06)b)O(3) powders and ceramics were prepared under controlled humidity and(More)
Lead-based piezoelectric ceramics are suitable materials for noninvasive applications of ultrasound in medicine. However, the embedded therapeutic and diagnostic procedures require the use of lead-free piezoelectric materials as active elements in transducers. With this goal in mind, we investigated the substitution of Ba(2+) cations in a lead-free(More)
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