Nader Fahima

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This article addresses the problem of urbanization of information systems. The development of an information system company is certainly a complex task. Hence the choice for organizations to opt for an urbanization approach of their information. In our work we are interested in a comprehensive approach to recast Information System (IS). This approach is(More)
The main drawbacks and handled devices (small storage space, small size of the display screen, discontinuance of the connection to the WLAN etc) are often incompatible with the need of querying and browsing information extracted from enormous amounts of data which are accessible through the network. A key characteristic of emerging OLAP database systems(More)
A much of the problematic of the structuring of the contents was approached by adding a semi-semantics layer to the resources dispersed on the Web, such as the fact, the pedagogical design or the folksonomy of Web 2.0. Moreover, when a system focuses on the structuring of textual content, this is the format that predominates. Although HTML is born into a(More)
As practice and profession, education has always been a discipline in the heart of the development of systems and hypermedia applications. With through work which was completed, we note that the great majority of the studies was interested in the aspects of access to information and the challenges posed by exploration. Thus, most of work explored, for(More)
We make in this communication the analysis of the Numerical Social Networks (NSN) which will be devoted to remote teaching. We pose like assumption that the concepts with the sites of social networks, such as the concepts of “profile”, “list of friends” and “groups”, can be regarded as elements favorable to the(More)
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