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Management of mobility especially balancing the load of handoff for wireless networks is an essential parameter for wireless network design and traffic study. In this paper, we present analytical mobility management in high speed wireless mobile networks focusing on factors such as the number of channel slots and offered load. We demonstrate the performance(More)
Video on demand is a popular multimedia application on the internet. Now a day's peer to peer video on demand is the most popular technique that captures most of the users on the internet. Therefore, we have proposed a video on demand based on the peer to peer network and also defined a detailed working principle of peer to peer video on demand using(More)
In high-speed communication networks, a failure in a multicast node or on a link is often possible. It is especially critical to understand how these failures affect the transmission of real-time applications in convergent data networks. This paper presents the fault-tolerance comparison of multicasting protocols concentrating on Protocol Independent(More)