Nader Ebrahimi

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We explore properties of the entropy, Kullback-Leibler information, and mutual information for order statistics. The probability integral transformation plays a pivotal role in developing our results. We provide bounds for the entropy of order statistics and some results that relate entropy ordering of order statistics to other well-known orderings of(More)
Sometimes complex software systems fail because of faults introduced in the requirements and design stages of the development process. To improve the reliability of a software, several reviewers inspect documents related to requirements and design. Some faults are detected in this process but often a few remain undetected until the software is developed.(More)
Information-theoretic methodologies are increasingly being used in various disciplines. Frequently an information measure is adapted for a problem, yet the perspective of information as the unifying notion is overlooked. We set forth this perspective through presenting informationtheoretic methodologies for a set of problems in probability and statistics.(More)
SUMMARY. In this paper we propose a semiparamteric Bayesian approach to estimate the mixing function in a mixture of two exponential distributions. Unlike, the traditional mixture of two distributions in this paper we assume that the mixing parameter changes with time. Such models arise naturally in many applications such as software reliability engineering(More)
The assumption of proportional hazards (PH) fundamental to the Cox PH model sometimes may not hold in practice. In this paper, we propose a generalization of the Cox PH model in terms of the cumulative hazard function taking a form similar to the Cox PH model, with the extension that the baseline cumulative hazard function is raised to a power function. Our(More)
Seizure outcome is frequently described in terms of patients ever attaining remission or being in terminal remission. Outcomes are more complicated and, over many years, repeated remission and relapses may occur. These are difficult to quantify with standard survival techniques used in analysis of remission and relapse. The Markov process, which allows one(More)