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In this paper, we present a complex distribution network design problem in supply chain system which includes location and inventory decisions. Customers' demand is generated randomly and each distribution center maintains a certain amount of safety stock in order to achieve a certain service level for the customers it services. Unlike most of past(More)
Disruptions rarely occur in supply chains, but their negative financial and technical impacts make the recovery process very slow. In this paper, we propose a capacitated supply chain network design (SCND) model under random disruptions both in facility and transportation, which seeks to determine the optimal location and types of distribution centers (DC)(More)
In this paper, we incorporate information flow in a supply chain model. Also for decreasing the risk of the supply chain system, we first predict the customers' demands and then this forecasting is used as an input to the supply chain model. In this paper a markov chain model will be used to forecast the customers' demands. A simulated annealing (SA)(More)
Scheduling for the flexible job-shops has great importance in both fields of production management and combinatorial optimization. However, it is quite difficult to achieve an optimal solution to this problem with traditional optimization methods because of the high computational complexity. Considering several optimization criteria in this problem will(More)
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