Nader A Morad

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In this retrospective study, 212 patients with cervical lymphadenopathy (CL) were studied over a 4-year period (1987-1990). Ninety-six (45.3%) were found to be tuberculous, 64 (30.2%) had reactive hyperplasia, 31 (14.6%) had a malignant lymphoma, 12 (5.7%) showed metastatic carcinoma and nine (4.2%) were due to miscellaneous causes. The original provisional(More)
A bimodal age incidence curve has been shown for Hodgkin's disease (HD). In developing countries, the first age incidence peak occurs in childhood; however, this peak is delayed until young adulthood in developed countries. This difference may reflect differences in the age of exposure to infectious agents involved in the development of HD or may suggest(More)
The frequency of Helicobacter pylori (HP) infection in 208 patients with upper gastrointestinal tract symptoms from the Southern Province of Saudi Arabia was studied prospectively. The occurrence of HP was documented histologically and using a rapid urease test in antral endoscopic biopsies. Our results showed that 82.2% of the 208 patients included were(More)
In the Asir region of south-western Saudi Arabia, nasal instillation of olive oil to infants and children in the recumbent position is practised to relieve nasal congestion. Aspiration of olive oil results in lipoid pneumonia resistant to antimicrobial treatment. A series of 5 children, aged 4-72 months, with olive oil-induced lipoid pneumonia is presented.(More)
The histopathologic findings reported in 254 consecutive urinary bladder biopsies were reviewed. Evidence of urinary schistosomiasis was identified in 88 biopsies (35%) and malignant neoplasms were diagnosed in 60 cases (24%). Nine out of 60 (15%) cases of bladder cancer had urinary bladder schistosomiasis and the remaining 51 cases (85%) had no clinical(More)
The current study describes the pattrn of malignant skin tumors in 137 cases seen in Asir Central Hospital histopathology laboratory over a five year period (1987 to 1991). Ninety percent (90.5%) were Saudis and the mean age was 61.0 years with a male:female ratio of 1.6:1. Squamous cell carcinoma was the most common type of skin cancer presenting (41.6%),(More)
We report the clinical and pathological features in six Arab children with bronchiectasis caused by ghee lipid aspiration. They all had a history of ghee administration followed by a history of chronic cough dating from early childhood. Chest radiographs showed consolidation/collapse of the right middle and left lower lobes in the majority, and(More)