Nadeene Parker

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AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) signalling plays a key role in whole-body energy homoeostasis, although its precise role in pancreatic β-cell function remains unclear. In the present stusy, we therefore investigated whether AMPK plays a critical function in β-cell glucose sensing and is required for the maintenance of normal glucose homoeostasis. Mice(More)
Skeletal muscle constitutes the major site of glucose uptake leading to increased removal of glucose from the circulation in response to insulin. Type 2 diabetes and obesity are often associated with insulin resistance that can be counteracted by exercise or the use of drugs increasing the relative proportion of oxidative fibers. RIP140 is a transcriptional(More)
AIMS Receptor-interacting protein 140 (RIP140) is a ligand-dependent cofactor for nuclear receptors that regulate networks of genes involved in cellular processes, including metabolism. An important role for RIP140 in metabolic control has been identified in RIP140 null mice, whose phenotypes include derepression of genes involved in energy mobilization or(More)
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