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Several reports have demonstrated associations between scleroderma and cancer and between multiple myeloma and autoimmune diseases. Few papers have also reported the concurrence of scleroderma and multiple myeloma. We report a case of multiple myeloma that developed in a male patient after 28 years of fulfilling a diagnosis of scleroderma. The main(More)
We present a retrospective study on the management of 100 patients who presented epidural hematoma over a four-year period. Our goal was to provide an update on management of this injury. Computed tomography was performed because of the clinical presentation. Results provided information on the type of injury and appropriate treatment. A three-phase(More)
BACKGROUND Stress fractures are classified as insufficiency and fatigue fractures. Insufficiency fractures occur when normal stresses are placed on bone with decreased mineralization and elastic resistance; whereas fatigue fractures occur when abnormal forces are applied to normal bone. CASE PRESENTATION We report a case of postpartum bilateral sacral(More)
K2P Evidence summaries use global research evidence to provide insight on public health priority topics that are ambiguous and have important uncertainty. This 3–5 page document informs policymakers and other stakeholders by synthesizing the best available evidence and presenting its relevance to local contexts. Evidence summaries do not provide(More)
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