Nadeem Khwaja

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In humans, the greater omentum is a fatty peritoneal fold that extends from the greater curvature of the stomach to cover most abdominal organs. It performs many functions, which include acting as a reservoir of resident peritoneal inflammatory cells, a storage site for lipid, and a regulator of fluid exchange in and out of the peritoneal cavity. Most(More)
The transforming growth factor beta (TGFbeta) family of cytokines exert pleiotropic effects upon a wide variety of cell types. TGFbeta1 has been demonstrated to be of fundamental importance in the development, physiology and pathology of the vascular system. As the role of TGFbeta1 in these processes becomes clearer, influencing its activity for therapeutic(More)
BACKGROUND Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic skin condition characterized by recurrent inflammation and infection of skin in intertriginous areas containing apocrine glands. Intense pulsed light uses high-energy broad-spectrum light. Current applications include hair removal and the treatment of acne vulgaris, which has a pathogenesis similar to that of(More)
Despite advancement in stent-graft technology, access-related problems continue to occur during endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms. Various techniques have been adopted to overcome difficult access situations, however. To survey these developments in arterial access, we performed a systematic literature review from 1994 through 2005 to identify(More)
The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the feasibility of staged open and endoluminal repair of complex thoracoabdominal aneurysms. We report the management of two patients with a staged, open abdominal and endoluminal thoracic repair of Crawford extent II aneurysms, where iliofemoral access was impossible and thoracic repair effected by endograft(More)
INTRODUCTION Being able to communicate effectively with patients is essential not only from a medicolegal standpoint but more importantly from clinical governance perspectives. Issues such as informed consent and patient choice within the NHS are currently being highlighted; for these to be available to patients, their language requirements are paramount.(More)
OBJECTIVE Facial blushing and hyperhidrosis, particularly in the facial, axillary or palmar distribution, are socially, professionally, and psychologically debilitating conditions. Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy can be carried out through multiple ports or by using a single port and a modified thoracoscope with integrated electrocautery. We reviewed our(More)
The primary concern when managing a patient with inhalation injury is security of the airway. Airflow may be impeded by both edema of the upper airway and reduction of oxygen delivery to the lower respiratory tract. Although there has been much discussion regarding management of the latter, the focus of this article is the management of the former. This(More)