Nadeem Hasan

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Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere syndrome (BVVLS) is a genetic condition caused by a mutation in the C20orf54 gene, which also codes for an intestinal riboflavin transporter. We report the case of a female who presented at 22 months with acute-onset stridor and generalized muscle weakness, in whom a genetic diagnosis of BVVLS was made, and whose symptoms improved(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the Vasculitis Damage Index (VDI) with the Combined Damage Assessment Index (CDA) as measures of damage from vasculitis. METHODS A total of 283 patients with vasculitis from 11 European centres were evaluated in a cross-sectional study using the VDI and CDA. RESULTS Wegener's granulomatosis (58.4%) and microscopic polyangiitis(More)
RESULTS A total of 998 vEEGs were undertaken during the study period. Of these, 128 were following a fi rst afebrile seizure: 119/128 were referred by general paediatricians and the remaining 9 by paediatric neurologists. The mean age group was 6.5 years (range 1 month to 17 years). Thirty-four of 128 children had an underlying neurodevelopmental problem.(More)
1 Oeppen J, Vaupel JW. Broken limits to life expectancy. Science 2002; 296: 1029–31. 2 Offi ce for National Statistics. National life tables, United Kingdom, 2011–2013. Newport: Offi ce for National Statistics, 2014. 3 Bongaarts J. Trends in causes of death in low-mortality countries: implications for mortality projections. Popul Dev Rev 2014; 40: 189–212.(More)
In this work, a new spatial discretization scheme for flows governed by the hyperbolic conservation laws is proposed. The spatial discretization involves the concept of classical particle velocity upwinding (PVU) for the convective flux term in the hyperbolic conservation laws. The novelty of the approach lies in the use of the fluid particle velocity or(More)
In this work a numerical investigation of two-dimensional steady and unsteady natural convection in a circular enclosure whose lower half is nonuniformly heated and upper half is maintained at a constant lower temperature has been carried out. An explicit finite difference method on a nonstaggered rectangular grid is used to solve the momentum and energy(More)
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