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Network motifs are defined as ”Recurring patterns of interactions that are significantly over-represented”. The motivation for analyzing the motif content of the network lies on the basic assumption that the overrepresentation of a certain subnetwork indicates it has some functional importance. Thus, exploring the abundant motifs in a network may provide(More)
1.1.1 Yeast Two-Hybrid (Y2H) The yeast two-hybrid technique [17, 9] allows the detection pair-wise protein interactions. It exploits the modular property typical of many eukaryotic transcription factors, which can be usually decomposed in two distinct modules, one directly binding to DNA (DB, DNA-binding domain) and the other activating transcription (AD,(More)
This paper pertains to distributed deadlock resolution in settings populated with self-interested bounded-rational autonomous agents. In particular it reports the results of extensive experimentation with 66 agents, each using a deadlock resolution strategy developed and maintained throughout the experiment by a different human decision maker. While from(More)
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