Nadav Sahar

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Tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) is an oncological emergency that results from massive cytolysis of malignant cells with a sudden release of their contents into the systemic circulation. TLS was rarely described in patients with malignant melanoma. In this article, we describe two patients with malignant melanoma who developed this syndrome. In one of them, the(More)
Multidrug transporters are integral membrane proteins that use cellular energy to actively extrude antibiotics and other toxic compounds from cells. The multidrug/proton antiporter MdfA from Escherichia coli exchanges monovalent cationic substrates for protons with a stoichiometry of 1, meaning that it translocates only one proton per antiport cycle. This(More)
The involvement of hairy cell leukemia in the liver is in the form of portal and sinusoidal cellular infiltration. Here we describe the first case of hepatic hairy cell leukemia presenting as multiple discrete lesions, which was treated successfully. We suggest that in the investigation of discrete hepatic lesions in cases of cancer of unknown primary,(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this preliminary study was to compare the effectiveness of domperidone and acupuncture for the management of diabetic gastroparesis. METHODS This was a preliminary, prospective non-randomised, unblinded case-crossover study conducted in patients with longstanding, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and gastroparesis. All patients(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS  Endoscopic ultrasound-guided drainage of symptomatic walled-off pancreatic necrosis (WON) usually has been performed with double pigtail plastic stents (DPS) and more recently, with lumen-apposing metal stents (LAMS). However, LAMS are significantly more expensive and there are no comparative studies with DPS. Accordingly, we(More)
This work aimed to study the effect of guided affective imagery on the irritable bowel syndrome. A total of 15 irritable bowel syndrome patients received guided affective imagery and 19 patients served as controls. Symptom severity and irritable bowel syndrome quality of life were measured at baseline and 8 weeks. Symptom severity decreased following guided(More)
BACKGROUND Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is used for the identification of potential risks in health care processes. We used a specific FMEA - based form for direct referral for colonoscopy and assessed it for procedurerelated perforations. METHODS Ten experts in endoscopy evaluated and computed the entire referral process, modes of(More)
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