Nadav Bar

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BACKGROUND The tumor suppressor PTEN (phosphatase and tensin homolog) is a lipid phosphatase that converts PIP3 into PIP2 and downregulates the kinase AKT and its proliferative and anti-apoptotic activities. The FoxO transcription factors are PTEN downstream effectors whose activity is negatively regulated by AKT-mediated phosphorylation. PTEN activity is(More)
Understanding gene transcription regulatory networks is critical to deciphering the molecular mechanisms of different cellular states. Most studies focus on static transcriptional networks. In the current study, we used the gastrin-regulated system as a model to understand the dynamics of transcriptional networks composed of transcription factors (TFs) and(More)
Abortive transcription initiation can be rate-limiting for promoter escape and therefore represents a barrier to productive gene expression. The mechanism for abortive initiation is unknown, but the amount of abortive transcript is known to vary with the composition of the initial transcribed sequence (ITS). Here, we used a thermodynamic model of(More)
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