Nada Logan Stotland

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OBJECTIVE To address the maternal and neonatal risks of both depression and antidepressant exposure and develop algorithms for periconceptional and antenatal management. METHOD Representatives from the American Psychiatric Association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a consulting developmental pediatrician collaborated to(More)
OBJECTIVE Our goal was to compare direct quantitation of circulating free 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D)levels to calculated free 25(OH)D levels and their relationships to intact PTH (iPTH), a biomarker of 25(OH)D effect, in humans with a range of clinical conditions. PATIENTS AND METHODS Serum samples and clinical data were collected from 155 people: 111(More)
The objective of this review is to identify and illustrate methodological issues in studies used to support claims that induced abortion results in an "abortion trauma syndrome" or a psychiatric disorder. After identifying key methodological issues to consider when evaluating such research, we illustrate these issues by critically examining recent empirical(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the overall and per-day risk of complications of short peripheral intravenous (PIV) catheters placed for indefinite periods. DESIGN During 5 months, general pediatric patients receiving intravenous therapy through short PIV catheters were monitored. Patient and catheter characteristics were recorded, complications were noted, and(More)
Background: Research shows that tight glycemic control is a major factor in forestalling the microvascular and macrovascular complications that accompany diabetes mellitus (DM). Recent evidence shows that earlier use of insulin therapy is beneficial for people who are at higher risk for these complications because it provides more effective glycemic(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was undertaken to assess attitudes and behavior of newer obstetricians/gynecologists in depression care. STUDY DESIGN One thousand randomly selected physicians in their final year of training or recent practice received a survey about depression: training; related attitudes, responsibility, confidence; and self-reported care for the(More)
This article presents an overview of the concept of recovery in serious and persistent mental illness from the perspective of both clinicians and consumers. Dr. Stotland, a psychiatrist, first highlights how treatment goals for bipolar disorder have changed in recent years, moving beyond symptomatic recovery to also encompass functional recovery (return to(More)
Infertility, treatment with reproductive technologies, and abortion are among the most emotionally weighty and philosophically contentious experiences in most patients' lives. They involve the most intimate body parts and behaviors and the most heartfelt hopes and profound disappointments. They can strain relationships with partners, relatives, and friends.(More)