Nada K. Abbas

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A new approach has been developed and used to minimize the timeand more carefully monitor and control the seed-train expansionprocess of recombinant mammalian cell lines. The process uses 50or 100 ml cryo-bags that contain frozen cells at high cell densities of 20 x 10(6) ml(-1) (100 ml bags) or 40 x 10(6) cells ml(-1) (50 ml bags). The frozen bag cell(More)
Zn0.5Cd0.5S polycrystalline thin films of different thickness were deposited on cleaned glass substrates by spray pyrolysis technique. X-ray diffraction was used to characterize the thin films. X-ray diffraction study showed that, all the films have the hexagonal, wurtzite structure. Grain sizes calculated from Scherer relation are in the range of(More)
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