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OBJECTIVES Anticandidal activity of carvacrol and eugenol, the major phenolic components of oregano and clove essential oils, respectively, were tested in vivo. METHODS Efficacy evaluation of carvacrol and eugenol in the prophylaxis and treatment of experimental vaginal candidiasis was performed in immunosuppressed rats. The anticandidal activity was(More)
Carvacrol and eugenol, the main (phenolic) components of essential oils of some aromatic plants, were evaluated for their therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of experimental oral candidiasis induced by Candida albicans in immunosuppressed rats. This anticandidal activity was analyzed by microbiological and histopathological techniques, and it was compared(More)
Modélisation d'une lame d'air verticale 2.3.2 _________________________ 43 Modélisation d'une lame d'air horizontale chauffée par le bas 2.3.3 ____________________________________________ 45 Modélisation d'une lame d'air inclinée 2.4
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