Nada Borghol

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Childhood abuse is associated with increased adult disease risk, suggesting that processes acting over the long-term, such as epigenetic regulation of gene activity, may be involved. DNA methylation is a critical mechanism in epigenetic regulation. We aimed to establish whether childhood abuse was associated with adult DNA methylation profiles. In 40 males(More)
In humans, leukocyte telomere length (LTL) is positively correlated with lifespan, and shorter LTL is associated with increased risk of age-related disease. In this study we tested for association between telomere length and methylated cytosine levels. Measurements of mean telomere length and DNA methylation at >450,000 CpG sites were obtained for both(More)
The use of round spermatids that are fully active at the transcriptional level to create zygotes (i.e. round spermatid injection; ROSI) raises the question regarding the downregulation of all specific genes that are transcribed from the paternal genome at fertilization. In this study, we show that protamine 1 and 2 mRNAs, which are specific to the round(More)
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