Nadège Pontisso

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This paper briefly presents the TOPCASED project which gathers industrialists, researchers, universities and SMEs, aiming at producing a free/open-source system/software/hardware-engineering toolkit, implemented over the Eclipse platform, using only standard components. An important aspect of TOPCASED is that it enables researchers to plug in their tools(More)
Distributed real-time architecture of an embedded system is often described as a set of communicating components. Such a system is data flow (for its description) and time-triggered (for its execution). This work fits in with these problematics and focuses on the control of the time compatibility of a set of interdependent data used by the system(More)
We consider embedded systems structured as a graph of communicating components [1]. In this model, we define a data matching property based upon the interactions of the data flow paths passing through common components. If a component uses inputs which indirectly depend on the same component output, these inputs have to depend on a same execution step of(More)
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