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Kaushik Basu (1994) introduced a traveler's dilemma in which two people must independently decide how much to claim for identical objects that have been lost on a flight. The airline, in an attempt to prevent fraud, agrees to pay each the minimum of the two claims, with a penalty for the high claimant and a reward for the low claimant. The Nash equilibrium(More)
  • Marie‐noëlle Calès, Dominique Chabert, Walid Hichri, Nadège Marchand, Marie-Noëlle Calès
  • 2011
The European Central Bank (ECB) will offer to banks in 2013 an european shared platform for securities settlement, named TARGET 2 Securities (T2S), in order to open the national financial markets. The financial crisis did not change the ECB agenda. This paper develops a spatial competition model to understand the impact of this new organisation on european(More)
This paper reports on wayfinding in dementia, in particular the ability to develop decision plans for solving wayfinding problems in unfamiliar settings. Fourteen patients diagnosed as having mild to moderate dementia of the Alzheimer type (DAT), and 28 normal elderly were asked to reach a destination in a large hospital setting, and to return to the point(More)
The Standardised Road-Map test of Direction Sense of money (A Standardised Road-Map Test of Direction Sense, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1976) was applied to a group of 14 patients diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer type (DAT) and to a group of 14 healthy controls matched in terms of age and education. Subjects were tested with two(More)
The game theoretic prediction for alternating offer bargaining depends crucially on how " the pie " changes over time, and whether the proposer in a given round has ultimatum power. We study experimentally eight such bargaining games. Each game is once repeated before moving on to the next one what defines a cycle of altogether 16 successive plays.(More)
  • Marie-­‐noëlle Calès, Laurent Granier, Nadège Marchand, Marie-Noëlle Calès
  • 2012
For several years, European financial markets have been the place of important mutations. These mutations have hit both stock markets themselves as well as the infrastructures including all necessary services for the transactions on financial securities. Among the market services to which the investors appeal, is the clearing of the orders, the service(More)
Our study considers the question of training in firms using an experimental laboratory approach. We investigate the following questions : What conditions, excluding external certification, will bring workers and employers to cooperate and share a rent generated by the workers' training? What conditions will induce workers to accept the training offer, for(More)
Les cahiers de la série scientifique (CS) visent à rendre accessibles des résultats de recherche effectuée au CIRANO afin de susciter échanges et commentaires. Ces cahiers sont écrits dans le style des publications scientifiques. Les idées et les opinions émises sont sous l'unique responsabilité des auteurs et ne représentent pas nécessairement les(More)
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