Nadège Balmelle-Devaux

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The modulation of host cell apoptosis by bacterial pathogens is of critical importance for the outcome of the infection process. The capacity of Bartonella henselae and B. quintana to cause vascular tumor formation in immunocompromised patients is linked to the inhibition of vascular endothelial cell (EC) apoptosis. Here, we show that translocation of BepA,(More)
During thymocyte maturation, enhancers of genes encoding for TCRdelta (Tcrd) and TCRalpha (Tcra), Edelta(8), and Ealpha, work as a developmental switch controlling transition from Tcrd to Tcra activity at the Tcrad locus. Previous experiments revealed that an Ealpha fragment, Talpha1-Talpha2, which constitutes a well-characterized compact nucleoprotein(More)
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