Naciye Güven

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Iron deficiency anemia is a cause of reactive thrombocytosis. A moderate increase in platelet numbers is common but sometimes counts may exceed 1,000 x 10(9)/l. The mechanisms causing reactive thrombocytosis are unclear. In this study, we evaluated 15 women with iron deficiency anemia and thrombocytosis (platelets >450 x 10(9)/l) and 16 women with iron(More)
AIM To evaluate the dislodgement resistance of DiaRoot BioAggregate and Biodentine from canals in roots with varying amounts of remaining dentine thickness. METHODOLOGY A total of 90 maxillary incisor teeth with similar dimensions were used. The teeth were extracted for periodontal reasons from adult subjects aged between 52 and 61 years. They were(More)
Background and Aims: The main aim of this study is to examine whether or not nicotine dependency level differentiates in terms of psychological symptoms. Psychological symptoms can be classified under three categories: symptoms of anxiety disorders, mood disorders and psychotic disorders. Anxiety disorder includes somatization, obsessive compulsive, general(More)
Fine-grained micas are consistent impurities in Camp-Berteaux (Morocco) and Wyoming montmorillonities. These micas give selected-area electron diffraction spot patterns with triclinic, monoclinic, and hexagonal symmetries similar tO those reported previously for monmorillonites. Camp-Berteaux montmorillonite appears as folded and flexible polycrystalline(More)
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