Nachum Katlowitz

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Varicocelectomy in the adult is followed by a relatively low recurrence rate but children treated by conventional techniques seem prone to have more frequent recurrences. We believe that the higher recurrence rate observed in children after routine varicocelectomy actually represents residual varicose communications that had been missed at the primary(More)
Twenty-five patients underwent audiovisual sexual stimulation (AVSS) after pharmacologically-induced erection. Grade of erection and cavernosal blood flow were assessed after intracorporeal (IC) injection of TRI-MIX or prostaglandin E1, and then after AVSS, using pulsed Doppler ultrasonography (PDUS). After IC injection, 5 patients had a Grade II erection,(More)
Erections are inhibited by sympathetic stimulation. Anxiety or psychologic inhibition may produce abnormal response during impotence workup. The use of intracorporeal alpha blockers (phentolamine) and audiovisual sexual stimulation (AVSS) has been used to decrease sympathetic outflow and enhance erectile response. Thirty-three patients with suspected(More)
OBJECTIVES Ultrasound (US) is often used for the work-up of testicular pathology. The findings may implicate on its management. However, there is only scant data on the correlation between US findings and testicular tumor type and size. Herein, we report on a multicenter study, analyzing these correlations. METHODS The study included patients who(More)
Ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction is defined as an obstruction of the flow of urine from the renal pelvis to the proximal ureter. The condition is frequently encountered by both adult and pediatric urologists. The reported incidence of ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction is 1 in 500 live births and is more common in males [1]. Congenital(More)
We report a case of traumatic sexual dysfunction and genitalia deformity successfully treated with dorsal vein excision, spongiolysis, rotational flaps, split thickness skin grafts, testicular prosthesis implantation and penile autologous fat augmentation 23 years after an alligator attack resulted in amputation of the testes and half of the scrotum, and(More)
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