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We propose a novel unsupervised method for separating out distinct authorial components of a document. In particular, we show that, given a book artificially " munged " from two thematically similar biblical books, we can separate out the two constituent books almost perfectly. This allows us to automatically recapitulate many conclusions reached by Bible(More)
We propose a new algorithm for minimal unsatisfiable core extraction, based on a deeper exploration of resolution-refutation properties. We provide experimental results on formal verification benchmarks confirming that our algorithm finds smaller cores than suboptimal algorithms ; and that it runs faster than those algorithms that guarantee minimality of(More)
We describe the design and implementation of a highly optimized, multithreaded algorithm for the propositional satisfiability problem. The algorithm is based on the Davis-Putnam-Logemann-Loveland sequential algorithm, but includes many of the optimization techniques introduced in recent years. We provide experimental results for the execution of the(More)
Church's Thesis asserts that the only numeric functions that can be calculated by effective means are the recursive ones, which are the same, extensionally, as the Turing-computable numeric functions. The Abstract State Machine Theorem states that every classical algorithm is behaviorally equivalent to an abstract state machine. This theorem presupposes(More)