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Methods of proving that a term-rewriting system terminates are presented. They are based on the notion of "simplification orderings", orderings in which any term that is homeomorphically embeddable in another is smaller than the other. A particularly useful class of simplification orderings, the "recursive path orderings", is defined. Several examples of(More)
We propose a novel unsupervised method for separating out distinct authorial components of a document. In particular, we show that, given a book artificially " munged " from two thematically similar biblical books, we can separate out the two constituent books almost perfectly. This allows us to automatically recapitulate many conclusions reached by Bible(More)
We describe the application of proof orderings—a technique for reasoning about inference systems-to various rewrite-based theorem-proving methods, including refinements of the standard Knuth-Bendix completion procedure based on critical pair criteria; Huet's procedure for rewriting modulo a congruence; ordered completion (a refutationally complete(More)