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Six pyrokinins, members of a widely distributed neuropeptide family in insects (FXPRLamides), have been identified from the American cockroach. Five of these peptides, Pea-PK-1-5, were tested in different myotropic bioassays, including hyperneural muscle, hindgut, foregut and oviduct. Among these muscles, the hyperneural muscle exhibited the highest(More)
  • Lin, Nachman, Waag
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 2000
An inverse scattering method that uses eigenfunctions of a scattering operator at a single frequency is extended to include the full range of frequencies present in the incident pulse waveform. The resulting so-called time-domain eigenfunction method is shown to yield a modulated version of the scattering potential. The potential is recovered by a(More)
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