Nachanant Chitanont

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Sound-field imaging, the visualization of spatial and temporal distribution of acoustical properties such as sound pressure, is useful for understanding acoustical phenomena. This study investigated the use of parallel phase-shifting interferometry (PPSI) with a high-speed polarization camera for imaging a sound field, particularly high-speed imaging of(More)
This paper presents iris recognition method based on dynamic radius matching of iris image. First, the iris images are segmented to remove the eyelashes and eyelids. Then the individual feature of the iris image can be extracted by expanding their polar images into Fourier series. The obtained Fourier coefficient is used as the individual features for iris(More)
Visualization of sound field using Schlieren technique provides many advantages. It enables us to investigate the change of the sound field in real-time from every point of the observing region. However, since the density gradient of air caused by the disturbance of acoustic field is very small, it is difficult to observe the audible sound field from the(More)
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