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Environmental Kuznets curve in an open economy: A bounds testing and causality analysis for Tunisia
The environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis posits that in the early stages of economic growth environmental degradation and pollution increase. However, as a nation reaches a certain level of income,Expand
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Empirical linkage between oil price and stock market returns and volatility: Evidence from international developed markets
This paper examines empirically whether oil price shocks impact stock market returns. Using monthly data for eight developed countries from January 1991 to September 2013, strong negative connectionsExpand
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On the Causal Nexus of Road Transport CO2 Emissions and Macroeconomic Variables in Tunisia: Evidence from Combined Cointegration Tests
This paper investigates the causal relationship between road transportation energy consumption, fuel prices, transport sector value added and CO2 emissions in Tunisia for the period 1980-2012. WeExpand
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The analysis of energy efficiency of the Mediterranean countries: A two-stage double bootstrap DEA approach
The main purpose of this paper is to examine the energy efficiency determinants in Mediterranean countries over 2009-2012. In order to account for both the bias and serial correlation of efficiencyExpand
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Are Unemployment Rates in OECD Countries Stationary? Evidence from Univariate and Panel Unit Root Tests
This paper revisits the dynamics of unemployment rate for 29 OECD countries over the period of 1980-2013. Numerous empirical studies of the dynamics of unemployment rate are carried out within aExpand
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Estimation of Electricity Demand Function for Algeria: Revisit of Time Series Analysis
Abstract This paper aims to empirically re-examine whether economic growth has effect on electricity consumption for Algerian economy. We have incorporated urbanization and trade openness inExpand
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Sensitivity of trading intensity to optimistic and pessimistic beliefs: Evidence from the French stock market
Abstract In this paper, we will offer some evidence indicating that investor sentiment plays a central role in explaining trading intensity and market trend changes. Based on both econometric andExpand
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Are fluctuations in natural gas consumption per capita transitory? Evidence from time series and panel unit root tests
The stationary properties of natural gas consumption are essential for predicting the impacts of exogenous shocks on energy demand, which can help modeling the energy-growth nexus. Then, this paperExpand
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Are fluctuations in electricity consumption per capita in Sub-Saharan Africa countries transitory or permanent?
Abstract This paper examines the random walk hypothesis for electricity consumption in sub-Saharan Africa countries over the period 1971–2013 by applying univariate and panel unit root tests. InExpand
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How Do Carbon Emissions Respond to Economic Shocks? Evidence from Low-, Middle- and High-Income Countries
In this study, we examine the stationarity of CO2 emissions per capita for 98 low-, middle- and high-income countries from 1975 to 2014. To this end, we conduct the nonlinear unit root test developedExpand
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