Nacer Benmeradi

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In bacteria, mitotic stability of plasmids and many chromosomes depends on replicon-specific systems which comprise a centromere, a centromere-binding protein and an ATPase. Dynamic self-assembly of the ATPase appears to enable active partition of replicon copies into cell-halves, but for most ATPases (the Walker-box type) the mechanism is unknown. Also(More)
We previously demonstrated that phospho-Thr56 Bcl-2 colocalizes with Ki-67 and nucleolin in nuclear structures in prophase cells and is detected on mitotic chromosomes in later mitotic phases. To gain insight into the fine localization of Bcl-2 on mitotic chromosomes, we further investigated Bcl-2 localization by immunostaining of Bcl-2 with known(More)
Rhizobia are symbiotic soil bacteria able to intracellularly colonize legume nodule cells and form nitrogen-fixing symbiosomes therein. How the plant cell cytoskeleton reorganizes in response to rhizobium colonization has remained poorly understood especially because of the lack of an in vitro infection assay. Here, we report on the use of the heterologous(More)
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