Nabnita Mandal

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In this paper we present Speckle Reducing Anisotropic Diffusion (SRAD) technique that uses wavelet decomposition. This technique is able to preserve and enhance edges while smoothing homogeneous regions in ultrasound images. SRAD is applied on various real biomedical ultrasound images with different number of iterations. The performance of SRAD filter is(More)
A thyristor driven pump is operated by varying the DC input signal in the firing circuit of thyristor drive. This operation suffers from difficulties due to the nonlinear relation between thyristor output and DC input. In the present paper, an opto-isolator based linearization technique of a typical thyristor driven pump has been proposed. The design,(More)
In the present paper, design of a flow control loop using a thyristor driven pump as final control element has been described. In this technique, the load current of a thyristor driven pump motor has been utilized as a mass flow sensing parameter of a fluid passing through a pipeline. This thyristor driven pump has been utilized as a final control element(More)
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