Nabin Sarmah

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We present a detailed design concept and optical performance evaluation of stationary dielectric asymmetric compound parabolic concentrators (DiACPCs) using ray-tracing methods. Three DiACPC designs, DiACPC-55, DiACPC-66, and DiACPC-77, of acceptance half-angles (0° and 55°), (0° and 66°), and (0° and 77°), respectively, are designed in order to optimize(More)
The low concentrating photovoltaic (PV) system such as a 2× V-trough system can be a promising choice for enhancing the power output from conventional PV panels with the inclusion of thermal management. This system is more attractive when the reflectors are retrofitted to the stationary PV panels installed in a high aspect ratio in the north-south direction(More)
This paper describes a novel type of solar concentrator – a mirror symmetrical dielectric totally internally reflecting concentrator (MSDTIRC). This new concentrator type has been designed to satisfy the following objectives: (i) to provide optimum gain in two different planes, therefore increasing the electrical output of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system,(More)
A prototype concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) module was designed and constructed with a low concentrating dielectric compound parabolic concentrator (DiACPC) for outdoor characterisation. The designed concentrator has acceptance half angles of 0 & 55 with a concentration ratio of 2.8. This concentrator design is suitable for building facade integration in(More)
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