Nabil Mohammad

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We exploit the inherent dispersion in diffractive optics to demonstrate planar chromatic-aberration-corrected lenses. Specifically, we designed, fabricated and characterized cylindrical diffractive lenses that efficiently focus the entire visible band (450 nm to 700 nm) onto a single line. These devices are essentially pixelated, multi-level(More)
We report the enhancement of photovoltaic output power by separating the incident spectrum into 3 bands, and concentrating these bands onto 3 different photovoltaic cells. The spectrum-splitting and concentration is achieved via a thin, planar micro-optical element that demonstrates high optical efficiency over the entire spectrum of interest. The optic(More)
We show that multi-level diffractive microstructures can enable broadband, on-axis transmissive holograms that can project complex full-color images, which are invariant to viewing angle. Compared to alternatives like metaholograms, diffractive holograms utilize much larger minimum features (>10 µm), much smaller aspect ratios (<0.2) and thereby, can be(More)
Extensive numerically based modelling has been conducted to simulate surface and sub-surfàce subsidence due to longwall mining in UK Coal Measure rocks. The results have been validated, against the Subsidence Engineer's Handbook (SEH) surface subsidence prediction method. A Rock Mass Classification Rating (RMR) has been used to derive pre and post failure(More)
To improve efficiency in collecting data from field experiment on fruit attributes of bottle gourd (Lau), the sample size was studied for sample size at Olericulture Division, Horticulture Research Centre (HRC) of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) Gazipur during 2012-13. The treatments/varieties were LS 0026-5-3, LS 0012-5-3, LS 117-F-1, LS(More)
A field experiment was conducted at the Agronomy Field Laboratory, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh during the period from July to December 2011 to evaluate the effect of variety and placement method of urea super granule (USG) on the yield performance of T. aman rice varieties. The experiment consisted of three aman rice varieties viz.,(More)
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