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Using data collected at the psi(3770) resonance with the CLEO-c detector at the Cornell e+e- storage ring, we present improved measurements of the absolute branching fractions of D+decays to K0e+ve, pi0e+ve, K*0e+ve, and p0e+ve, and the first observation and absolute branching fraction measurement of D+ --> omega e+ve. We also report the most precise tests(More)
The tracking of radiation contamination and distribution has become a high priority in the nuclear cycle industry in order to respect the ALARA principle which is a main challenge during decontamination and dismantling activities. To support this need, AREVA/CANBERRA and CEA LIST have been actively carrying out research and development on a gamma-radiation(More)
Using data collected with the CLEO detector operating at the CESR e+e- collider at sqrt[s]=3.97-4.26 GeV, we investigate 15 charmonium decay modes of the psi(4040), psi(4160), and Y(4260) resonances. We confirm, at 11 sigma significance, the BABAR Y(4260)-->pi+pi- J/psi discovery, make the first observation of Y(4260)--> pi(0)pi(0) J/psi (5.1 sigma), and(More)
The effective management of an event involving the exposure of a large number of people to radioactive material requires a mechanism for fast triage of exposed people. BOOSTER is a project founded by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme, addressing this requirement. It is a capability project designed to provide an integrated system(More)
Using 20.7 pb(-1) of e(+)e(-) annihilation data taken at sq.rt(r) = 3.671 GeV with the CLEO-c detector, precision measurements of the electromagnetic form factors of the charged pion, charged kaon, and proton have been made for timelike momentum transfer of |Q(2)| = 13.48 GeV(2) by the reaction e(+)e(-) --> h(+)h(-). The measurements are the first ever with(More)
We present measurements of the inclusive branching fractions for the decays D+-->Xe+ nu(e) and D0-->Xe+ nu(e), using 281 pb(-1) of data collected on the psi(3770) resonance with the CLEO-c detector. We find B(D0-->Xe+ nu(e)) = (6.46+/-0.17+/-0.13)% and B(D+-->Xe+ nu(e)) = (16.13+/-0.20+/-0.33)%. Using the known D meson lifetimes, we obtain the ratio(More)
We describe new measurements of the inclusive and exclusive branching fractions for psi(2S) transitions to J/psi using e(+)e(-) collision data collected with the CLEO detector operating at CESR. All branching fractions and ratios of branching fractions reported here represent either the most precise measurements to date or the first direct measurements.(More)