Nabil H. Abbasy

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Phasor measurement units (PMUs) are considered as a promising tool for future monitoring, protection and control of power systems. In this paper, a unified approach is proposed in order to determine the optimal number and locations of PMUs to make the system measurement model observable and thereby can be used for power system state estimation. The PMU(More)
This paper presents a high resolution approach based on wavelet transform (WT) for measurement of single phase power quantities defined in IEEE STD 1459-2010 specially in case of non-sinusoidal conditions of voltage and current waveforms. The proposed approach is divided into two stages, firstly using the advantage of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) in(More)
This paper presents a new digital signal processing (DSP) algorithm based on wavelet transform (WT) in order to calculate compensating current of shunt active power compensator (SAPC). The proposed algorithm depends on the highly resolution approach which has been presented previously by the authors to calculate the electrical power components defined in(More)
`Abstract: -A fuzzy linear state estimation model is employed, which is based on Tanaka's fuzzy linear regression model, for modeling uncertainty in power system state estimation. Both measurements uncertainty as well as parametric uncertainty is considered by fuzzy estimator. The uncertain measurements and the parameters are expressed as fuzzy numbers with(More)
Cathodic protection is one of the commonly used techniques to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making the protected metal as a cathode of an electromechanical cell. The main issue of this paper is studying the cathodic protection system of storage tanks to develop a software program, which can be used in designing such a system. This developed(More)
Triboelectric Nanogenerator (TENG) is a device which collects mechanical energy naturally wasted through ordinary daily human activities and converts it into useful electrical energy. Although extensive practical investigations have been made aiming at achieving better performance, theoretical studies have not taken its share of importance yet. In the(More)
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