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Some objects in the visual field are more likely to attract attention because they are either intrinsically eye catching or relevant in the context of a particular task. These two factors, known as stimulus-driven and goal-directed factors, respectively, are thought to be integrated into a unique salience map, possibly located in the frontal or the parietal(More)
The present study aim was to valorize the treated waste water as source of fertilizers for vegetables seed production and to assess the eventual bacteriological contamination risks of soil, plant and phreatic ground water table. The bacteriological analysis of drained water did not reveal any fecal coliforms vertical migration in depth and a low fecal(More)
Cholesterol crystal emboli are a serious complication of atheroma. The incidence of this syndrome appears to be much more common in patients in their sixties with severe atheromatous disease of the aorta (20 to 30% vs less than 5%). 80% of crystal embolism result from medical interventions (aortic or cardiac surgery, arterial invasive procedure of aorta,(More)
CT scan imaging is an effective method for detection of cerebral hydatid cysts in children. It is a specific exploratory investigation and enables any other diagnosis to be excluded by its use alone. Seven cases of hydatid cyst in cerebral hemispheres are reported, two of these children presenting other parenchymatous localizations. Several images showed(More)
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