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  • B. Ghorbel-Frikha, A. Sellami-Kamoun, N. Fakhfakh, A. Haddar, L. Manni, M. Nasri
  • 2005
The production and purification of a calcium-dependent protease by Bacillus cereus BG1 were studied. The production of the protease was found to depend specifically on the calcium concentration in the culture medium. This suggests that this metal ion is essential for the induction of protease production and/or stabilisation of the enzyme after synthesis.(More)
Service consumers satisfaction is considered today as one of the main concern to be ensured by service providers, especially with the spread of concurrency and the increase of functionally equivalent services. This satisfaction is closely related to quality of service (QoS) perceived by service consumers. In this context, we propose an approach to determine(More)
Improving transport users' safety is one of the main priorities of research into transport system attractiveness. Level crossings are one of the most critical weak point involving road and rail users' infrastructure. They have become increasingly dangerous and unsafe due to road and railway users' behavior. Furthermore, rail and highway safety professionals(More)
Services Oriented Architectures have provided ?exibility and agility for service consumers to build their business processes. An important issue concerning the service orchestrations supporting business processes is the Quality of Service (QoS). Service consumers put more and more importance to the QoS of their service orchestrations to be more competitive.(More)