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Abstruct-T h i s paper presents a novel method for segmentation of bone structures i n anterior-posterior (AP) radiographs based on active s h a p e modeIs. A priori global knowledge of the geometric s t r u c t u r e of each h i p is c a p t u r e d by a statistical deformable t e m p l a t e integrating a set of admissible deformations. Then, to represent(More)
1 Abstract The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how the new technologies introduced in recent 3D cards can be used in color image processing and analysis. We used the latest programmability feature available in 3D cards in order to implement and to test five color image processing algorithms: local mean filtering, RGB to L * a * b * and RGB to HSV color(More)
Many difficulties of color image processing may be resolved using specific color spaces. The problematic when discussing about image database is the same: in which color space a method will be the most effective. We present classical color spaces, and a tool able to represent images in these spaces in order to analyze which color space is the most relevant(More)
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