Nabil Benayadi

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This paper is concerned with the discovering of temporal knowledge from a sequence of timed observations provided by a system monitoring of dynamic process. The discovering process is based on the Stochastic Approach framework where a series of timed observations is represented with a Markov chain. From this representation , a set of timed sequential binary(More)
Modelling manufacturing process of complex products like electronic ships is crucial to maximize the quality of the production. The Process Mining methods developed since a decade aims at modelling such manufacturing process from the timed messages contained in the database of the supervision system of this process. Such process can complex making difficult(More)
Cet article propose d'utiliser l'entropie informationnelle pour analyser des modèles de chroniques découverts selon une approche stochastique (Bouché et Le Goc, 2005). Il décrit une adaptation de l'algorithme TemporalID3 (Console et Picardi, 2003) permettant de découvrir des modèles de chroniques à partir d'un ensemble d'apprentissage contenant des(More)