Nabil Ben Nessib

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Osteo-articular tuberculosis is rare in infants. The MRI findings reported for adolescents and young adults mainly relate to spinal involvement. Two cases of osteo-articular tuberculosis of infants located at the knee are presented. Vaccination has been correctly done. Skin test and chest radiography were normal. Evolution was insidious for one case.(More)
BACKGROUND Soft tissue chondroma is a rare benign tumour, which is generally seen in adult. It consists of islands of heterotopic cartilaginous tissue and most localised on the hands and the feet. The hypothesis that microtrauma is involved in the aetiology of this condition has yet to find any factual support. AIM To report two paediatric cases of soft(More)
PURPOSE To assess the value of MRI for early diagnosis of osteomyelitis in children presenting with sepsis and acute onset of musculoskeletal pain. MATERIALS AND METHODS MRI including fat suppressed T2W, and fat suppressed pre- and postcontrast T1W sequences was performed within 48 hours of admission in 26 children with clinical (fever and acute(More)
We report a boy with a unique, "new" form of spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia. The conspicuous features of the spinal changes were the delay in ossification of the cervical spine and posterior elements of the thoraco-lumbar spine. The vertebral bodies were of abnormal shape but of normal size and well ossified. The hallmark of epiphyseal changes was(More)
We report on three Tunisian siblings with a rare assortment of clinical and radiographic abnormalities closely resembling Desbuquois dysplasia. However, the siblings have had normal facies, normal hands, and were mentally normal. There were severe musculo-skeletal distinguishing features such as joint stiffness, severe kyphoscoliosis, and multiple large(More)
Collisions between atoms (or ions) and electrons play an important role in Astrophysics for spectroscopic diagnostics and modellisation of stellar interiors and atmospheres. Plasma shielding effects due to electron and ion correlations are not negligible in the physical conditions of white dwarfs, owing to their high density. They can also play a role in(More)
“Stark broadening” theory and calculations have been extensively developed for about 50 years. The theory can now be considered as mature for many applications, especially for accurate spectroscopic diagnostics and modeling, in astrophysics, laboratory plasma physics and technological plasmas, as well. This requires the knowledge of numerous collisional(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to report the MRI findings that can suggest a vaso-occlusive crisis in cases of febrile osseous pain in children suffering from sickle cell disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS MRI (T1 and T2 weighted sequences and T1 weighted sequence with fat saturation before and after gadolinium injection) was performed in 10 children with(More)
Energy levels, electric dipole transition probabilities and oscillator strengths in five times ionized silicon have been calculated in intermediate coupling. The present calculations were carried out with the general purpose atomic-structure program SUPERSTRUCTURE. The relativistic corrections to the non-relativistic Hamiltonian are taken into account(More)
A retrospective study realised over 10 years in the orthopaedic unit of the children's hospital of Tunis allowed to collect 206 cases of osteomyelitis and arthritis in infant (3 months--3 years old). In 74.6% of the cases, infection involved the joint. There is a single focus of the infection in 92.6% of the cases, more often at the lower limbs. The(More)
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