Nabil Belaid

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Today, we are more than ever conscious of the pollution that we cause. Actions are undertaken in order to deal with the reduction in CO2 emissions in particular. One of the techniques of handling the CO2 is storing it in old oil fields. Indeed, many engineering studies are conducted by governments and private companies to model the geological structures in(More)
This paper describes a service-oriented architecture for accessing resources through semantically designed portals called hubs. The services are dedicated to: (a) ontology management, (b) annotation generation from texts based on linguistic or machine learning techniques, (c) persistent storage of ontologies and metadata, and (d) semantic search in(More)
Management of IT services in general and Web Services (WS) in particular currently relies on syntactic descriptions of service interfaces using languages such as WSDL (Web Service Description Language), BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) or XPDL (XML Process Definition Language). As a consequence, complex management tasks such as WS discovery,(More)
Nowadays, many engineering studies are conducted to securely exploit depleted Oil Fields for CO2 Storage.These studies follow complex workflows of data processing services described by geologists. If no explicit semantics is applied to describe these workflows, it is not possible to share them between geologists by reusing existing ones or for composing new(More)
Today, the petroleum industry demonstrates a greater concern toward ecology. Actions are undertaken in order to reduce the CO2 emissions in particular. Storing the CO2 in depleted petroleum reservoirs represents one of the ways of controlling the CO2 emissions. However, a prior modeling of the reservoirs has to be done for a secure storage. This geological(More)
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