Nabil Aly Mohamed Aly Lashin

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We have examined the morphology and distribution of lysosomes in von Ebner's salivary gland utilizing TMPase as a marker. TMPase reactivity was detected basally, laterally and in the center of the cells. They include AV, Rb, MVBs and dense bodies. TL were detected for the first time in between the secretory granules and in the lateral parts of exocrine(More)
-This paper presents a high accuracy computer-aided system to detect microcalcifications and classify them into benign or malignant. The microcalcifications detection procedure is mainly based on a combination of adaptive histogram equalization, median filtering, morphological operations and thresholding. The contribution of this type of decomposition is(More)
The effect of intraperitoneal injection of Vinblastine sulfate on rat periodontal ligament was studied. Cells still synthetize collagen after 2 hours of the injection with evidence of loss of extracellular collagen fibers orientation. Tubular lysosome could not be detected after 2 hours with formation of lysosomal clusters in the cell center. After 4 hours(More)
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