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Geospatial Data Management with Terrafly
A lack of up-to-date information on situational and environmental conditions, major communication gaps, and a lack of effective coordination in planning and recovery operations are major challenges in disaster planning and intervention.
In this paper, the prototype Public Engagement in Emergency Response (PEER) framework is presented and it provides a comprehensive online and mobile crowdsourcing platform for situation reporting and resource volunteering.
Semantic Discovery and Composition of Web Services for RFID Applications in Border Control
This paper proposes an OWL-S based approach for the automatic composition of Semantic Web Services and presents a technique to generate composite services from high-level declarative descriptions.
Information sharing infrastructure for pharmaceutical supply chain management in emergency response
For an effective and timely acquisition, deployment, and distribution of needed drugs in emergencies, it is crucial to provide the end-to-end visibility of the pharmaceutical supply chain (PSC) to
A Framework for Dynamic Composition and Management of Emergency Response Processes
The proposed approach employs ontology-based reasoning to determine the default actions and resource requirements for the given incident and to identify relevant response organizations based on their jurisdictional and mutual aid agreement rules to generate an executable response process that evolves dynamically.
Greater Survival Improvement in African American vs. Caucasian Women with Hormone Negative Breast Cancer
African American women with stage I-III ER- and PR- breast cancer had greater improvement in survival than Caucasians in 2001-2011, the first report of an improvement in racial disparities in survival from breast cancer in a subset of patients.
Software-Based Attestation
Poster: ASSEMBLE: A Collaborative Business Process Development Tool
ASSEMBLE implements the service mapping approach that utilizes the attribute, structural and semantics information of service operations of existing BPs in a given domain to help a user organization to compose its BP.
Time errors in a frequency controller
The problem provided by Transpower for MINZ 2015 was to identify the cause of ramping time errors in the electrical generation network that started appearing after the commissioning of the Frequency
Speaker Identification and Verification (SIV)