Nabil Abdullah

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Journal Publications: • Arslan, A. N. (2008) An algorithm with linear expected running time for string editing with substitutions and substring reversals. (2006) Efficient string matching with wildcards and length constraints. A space-efficient algorithm for the pairwise sequence alignment algorithm. Dictionary look-up within small edit distance.
Complex Nominals (CNs) have simple syntactic structure that conceals non-trivial semantic characteristics. While speakers of natural languages combine noun(s)/adjective(s) with a head noun to indicate existing or novel concepts with ease, formalizing such a semantic process, however, has proven to be a daunting task. In this paper, we present a unified(More)
Despite their simple syntactic form, adjective-noun combinations seem to have no straightforward semantic method that parallels the simplicity of the syntax. This has led to the conventional belief that adjectives belong to a (semantically motivated) hierarchy. This has the consequence that a uniform treatment of adjectives is unattainable—without resorting(More)
This paper describes a new architecture for access-ing hyperlinked speech-accessible knowledge sources that are distributed over the Internet. It differs from the use of speech interfaces to conventional web html pages; from conventional telephone access to remote speech applications (as used in many call centers); and from the use of a network of(More)
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