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Graphene and graphene-related materials have broadly applied in biomedical purposes due to their unique properties, thus safety evaluation of them is crucial. This study was performed to explore the genotoxic and pulmonary toxic potential of different doses of graphene oxide nanosheets' (GOs) in mice.A total of 90 male mature mice were randomly divided into(More)
1. In 16 awake rats, the time courses of cortical aspartate (ASP) and glutamate (GLU) concentrations were investigated before, during and after penicillin-induced epileptiform activity (PCN-EA). The amino acids were collected by means of the microdialysis technique from a site within the motor cortex located close to the PCN focus. PCN-EA was recorded by(More)
Development of the amphibian vestibular organ is regulated by molecular and neuronal mechanisms and by environmental input. The molecular component includes inductive signals derived from neural tissue of the hindbrain and from the surrounding mesoderm. The integrity of hindbrain patterning, on the other hand, depends on instructive signals from the isthmus(More)
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